Your Professional Lifeline!

You email list is your professional lifeline to establishing good long-term relationships with potential patients, clients, and customers for your services, products, and practice. It can literally make or break your practice and business. What follows are three success strategies that you can implement right away to establish and grow your email list:

1. Improve Your Website-to-Email Conversions – Make it as easy as possible for visitors to your website to register for your email newsletters, blog, or videos. Place your subscription form on every single page (not just the home page). Never hide your opt in behind a link in your website navigation as very few people will actually click here.

2. Get Social – Drive subscribers to your email marketing list via your social media activity. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. While it is easier to grow your following on social media rather than to just collect email addresses, email marketing has the potential to drive more significant return on investment. Make it very easy for your email recipients to share your emails with their friends and family members by adding social media share buttons to your newsletters. This will ultimately send more traffic back to your website, which will help drive email subscriptions.

3. Keep on Blogging – Whether it is a written blog or short videos, both provide your website a pulse, aids your search engine optimization efforts, and helps your practice stand out in a plethora of static website content. Stay consistent with this and your will have a ton of great content over a short period of time.

As always, to your success!AC12-13

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