The Art of Simplicity.


I’d like to talk about the method behind the madness for my business model.

About 5 years ago, I was very close to selling off my products, services, practice, and classes, and walking away forever.

I was working too much and doing too much. My health was suffering, my back went out which kept me on painkillers and other medications for two months.

And to top it off, my first virtual assistant left without notice (while my back was out!)-costing me time and money to find a replacement.

All of this really tested my mental strength. To the point where I definitely felt the stress coming on.

Even my different streams of income, which were always enjoyable and profitable, simply wasn’t fun anymore.

The first thing I did was take personal responsibility for everything about this situation. That’s step #1.

Then, I sat down and took inventory of what worked for me in the past.

When was I happiest in my life. Happiest in my business? And when was my business most profitable?

Answer = when it was SIMPLE!

Simplicity was the key and I had to get back to that. It had worked for my business, my athletic pursuits, and my relationships.

I’d eliminate the distractions.

I started to say NO more often.

I removed the emotional vampires from my life.

I said goodbye to all the things that didn’t matter.

Here were some of my action steps that I took for my business, practice, products, and services:

Step 1: Begin writing and sharing in my weekly (now almost daily ) email.

Step 2: Stop trying so hard to sell and promote products and services. Instead I would simply share my advice. Sometimes I would include an offer in my email but there won’t be any pressure.

Step 3: Be more accessible to my members, clients, customers, and students.

Step 4: Ignore the “be everywhere” advice and just focus on my list-building for my business.

Step 5: Create and FOCUS on a really strong continuity program where I can give it my 100% attention. Today, we have a 95% monthly retention rate at The Wealthy Therapist Academy at .

These steps, no matter how simple they appear, have transformed my life once again.

It was a little backwards as I gave my business a “re-boot”.

But as I began to simplify my business plan and focus on the things that really mattered, an amazing thing happened.

The income started to grow – especially the monthly, recurring revenue.

I started to attract the RIGHT people into my world (and said farewell to time-wasting, opportunity seekers).

My stress started to go down and my health steadily improved.

My relationship with my kids has never been better.

I’m actually working LESS hours.

And finally, business is FUN again.

So yes, practicing the art of simplicity can enhance your business and private practice.

It can also transform your life.

Keep things simple. And let’s continue to positively impact lots of lives.

To your success!

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