Size Does Not Matter!


A peer of mine has an email list of 5,000 people. Another peer has a list of less than 500. Both have private practices.

The one with 500 people actually earns more income from their list by having them invest in her products and services compared to the one with 5,000.

Is she using magic? Did she get lucky?

The answer is most likely no.

So what gives?

She took my advice a few months back and took the following action steps:

1. She wrote to her list at least 2 times a week offering advice, education, and motivation regarding her niche.

2. She was authentic, herself, raw, real, and honest.

3. She answered questions from people on her list that wrote her back.

4. If she had a product or service that she wanted to share, she made sure that the offer was an excellent one.

5. The folks on her list became her army of ambassadors and referred family, friends, and peers to her practice.

A few months later, she has a relationship with her list. She has also increased her revenue by 70%!

They know her, like her, and trust her.

The size of your email list does not matter.

What matters is your relationship with your list.

Give first.

Follow the action steps above and watch your practice grow.

To Your Success!

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