Personal Training At Starbucks?


Personal Training At Starbucks?

A younger friend of mine (he is now 28), always had a dream of becoming a personal trainer. He got all the national credentials, knows his craft, loves what he does, and at 28 and very fit he cuts an impressive figure.

At 23 he started his own personal training business. He thought that he would be very successful and always brushed away my ideas about developing a marketing plan-web page, opt in, Facebook page, Youtube channel, etc.

At 27 he quit due to having way more expenses then revenue and started working at Starbucks full time for the salary and benefits. He has been doing that for the past year.

He called me the other day and asked me what he would need to do to get back to his dream-and be successful at it. I gave him some blunt advice – advice that I’ve given to many paying private clients. This advice is often un-welcomed but true, nonetheless. Here it is:

“You are already great at what you do. Although it is certainly more fun training clients and working out, you need to spend the majority of that time marketing yourself. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one knows about you. You need to take massive action in order to make your dream actually come true.”

Most people think that if they’re the best or really good, they will be successful. This is especially true with those in the mental health profession, especially private practice.

The hard truth is that being the “best” or better than your competitors is not the sole determining factor as to whether you will be successful.

You might think that’s not fair and it’s probably not. The person who works the hardest and perfects their craft should be the most successful. But “shoulds” don’t matter. Reality does.

This is not to say that you don’t have to be good at what you do. You do or great marketing will only accelerate the rate that people find out that you are not good. However, the key to your success is marketing. Think of yourself as a marketer of your service and you will have the correct “success mindset.”

When I finally got this, my life and business changed. I now have the honor of helping others in our field achieve this amazing success at The Wealthy Therapist Academy. If you have not taken our FREE tour yet, please check it out at .

To your success!

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