Food Fight!

food fight

Recently, myself and two other faculty members were having lunch between classes. All of us have private practices. The conversation topic was how to market our practices effectively.

Don (not his real name), is in his late 50’s and has been in practice for 25 years. He is a strong supporter of the old guard-face to face networking, going to conferences with other professionals, developing long-term relationships with others in his community who might be referral sources. He does not believe in Google searches, online scheduling of appointments, marketing through Facebook-heck, he just got his web page in 2015-one page only!

Julia (not her real name) is 31 and has been in practice for 3 years. She loves the power of technology, has a dynamic web page, a growing email list, and good social media presence. However, she thinks it is a waste of time to meet up with another colleague face to face such as having coffee to network when one could easily text. She also doesn’t believe in getting out there in the community and pounding the pavement.

Unfortunately I was sitting between them as this debate escalated a bit (parts of Don’s egg salad was finding its way on my cheek as he talked/yelled with food in his mouth and my other ear hurt as Julia’s voice was hitting higher and higher octaves as she became more passionate about her point of view).

Finally, in order to protect my hearing and my wardrobe, I kindly interjected and told them they were both right!

Regardless of your profession, the truth is you will need to continue to actively market to reach new clients. In 2016, you will need both an online marketing and face to face marketing campaign for maximum success. You might survive on just one, but to thrive you will need both. This means consistently letting others know about you and your services both in cyberspace and in person. This is one of the core themes I stress to The Wealthy Therapist Academy Family at .

Your face to face marketing campaign may consist of everyday life networking, doing a discounted seminar, volunteering at a community event for free exposure, having coffee once a month with one professional who you could each refer to (similar field but different gender example), and speaking at professional conferences (also pretty inexpensive and easy to do).

Your online marketing campaign may consist of blogging, setting up and updating your Facebook Fan Page, using Twitter to publicize your services, email blasts, posting a video on your Youtube channel, and commenting on other professional blogs (all free and easy to do).

I know it sounds simple, but most people do not do this and suffer with less clients and less profits. Be at the top of your field and make more money while helping more people.

As always, To Your Success!

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