Blown Away!


Just took the kids to the bus stop and am going to take my wife to workout at my boxing class. Always moving at Cory Bank Headquarters!

As I was answering an email from one of the members at The Wealthy Therapist Academy Family this morning, it hit me how blessed I am to work with people like you.

I get to assist people who have the drive, desire and guts to go out on their own and try their hardest to create a better life for themselves, their families and their customers, clients or patients.

The vast majority of people work at jobs just to get a paycheck. People like you create their own business or practice to design a life and serve others. They are passionate about not only making money but helping others.

You are one them. You are in an elite group of people who are trying to make a difference in the world.

And the fact is, no one truly understands the sacrifices you make or how hard you actually work.

I want you to know that I get it, that I have tremendous respect for you, and that I am humbled and honored to be able to help you further your mission.

Whether it is reading my emails, using the free resources at , or being a valuable member at The Wealthy Therapist Academy at , I am honored to be part of your success team.

To Your Success!



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