Dr. Cory Bank

Cory is a Sports Psychologist, a Certified School Psychologist, a Psychotherapist, a Peak Performance Coach, and a Professor of Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

He has been featured by NBC, CN8, WIP AM, WWDB AM, USA Today, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Cory is also the creator of TheWealthyTherapistBlueprint.com, an online membership site through which he helps therapists, psychologists and other professionals improve their practice. He has also created many digital products and services to help people of all professions reach their goals.

Cory is an accomplished endurance athlete, having completed the Ironman USAT Triathlon and multiple marathons.

He’s also a martial artist, training in Taekwondo, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing, so don’t get on his bad side ;)


Ran Zohar

Ran is a martial arts master turned internet marketer. He is an expert in adapting cutting-edge internet marketing for use by small businesses and professional practices.

Ran’s expertise encompasses several key elements of marketing, including copywriting, design, social media, SEO and video marketing.

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