Size Does Not Matter!


A peer of mine has an email list of 5,000 people. Another peer has a list of less than 500. Both have private practices.

The one with 500 people actually earns more income from their list by having them invest in her products and services compared to the one with 5,000.

Is she using magic? Did she get lucky?

The answer is most likely no.

So what gives?

She took my advice a few months back and took the following action steps:

1. She wrote to her list at least 2 times a week offering advice, education, and motivation regarding her niche.

2. She was authentic, herself, raw, real, and honest.

3. She answered questions from people on her list that wrote her back.

4. If she had a product or service that she wanted to share, she made sure that the offer was an excellent one.

5. The folks on her list became her army of ambassadors and referred family, friends, and peers to her practice.

A few months later, she has a relationship with her list. She has also increased her revenue by 70%!

They know her, like her, and trust her.

The size of your email list does not matter.

What matters is your relationship with your list.

Give first.

Follow the action steps above and watch your practice grow.

To Your Success!

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The Invisible Therapist…


When I was having lunch with my daughter’s kindergarten’s class yesterday, I was showing them a magic trick how to make a napkin disappear in one’s hand.

They thought it was pretty cool about making something invisible.

Sometimes being invisible is cool.

Sometimes it is the last thing we would want.

All of us in private practice feel this sometimes.

We open up a new practice and there are no clients to see.

We write a blog post and no one comments.

We create a video and no one watches.

We offer a free webinar and no one registers.

We see these successful folks in our field with a full practice and a waiting list and this concept seems so foreign to us.

And let me tell you this-EVERY successful person in our field has been there. We all start at zero (at least most of us do).

I know I did.

I started my private practice while working two other part time jobs simultaneously-hitting 60 hours a week pretty regularly.

I saw clients when no one else was willing to-6:00 AM, 9:00 PM, Saturday late afternoon, once even on July 4th!

Please know – you are NOT alone.

Here’s what you can do right now to speed up your path to success.

For the next 30 days, go ALL-IN for your market. Your subscribers. Your tribe. Your future clients. Your army of ambassadors.

This isn’t some lame “challenge”.

I’m talking about giving it everything you’ve got. Showing them you’ll run through a brick wall to help them.

How can you reach your future clients?

How can you serve more people and add more value to their lives?

Be so good they can’t ignore you!

Email your subscribers more with powerful content, be a guest on a podcast in your niche, make a compelling and powerful video for your ideal client and share it through social media.

You are NOT invisible.

You are NOT on the outside.

Please use all the free and powerful resources at , available 24/7 at your convenience.

To Your Success!


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The Art of Simplicity.


I’d like to talk about the method behind the madness for my business model.

About 5 years ago, I was very close to selling off my products, services, practice, and classes, and walking away forever.

I was working too much and doing too much. My health was suffering, my back went out which kept me on painkillers and other medications for two months.

And to top it off, my first virtual assistant left without notice (while my back was out!)-costing me time and money to find a replacement.

All of this really tested my mental strength. To the point where I definitely felt the stress coming on.

Even my different streams of income, which were always enjoyable and profitable, simply wasn’t fun anymore.

The first thing I did was take personal responsibility for everything about this situation. That’s step #1.

Then, I sat down and took inventory of what worked for me in the past.

When was I happiest in my life. Happiest in my business? And when was my business most profitable?

Answer = when it was SIMPLE!

Simplicity was the key and I had to get back to that. It had worked for my business, my athletic pursuits, and my relationships.

I’d eliminate the distractions.

I started to say NO more often.

I removed the emotional vampires from my life.

I said goodbye to all the things that didn’t matter.

Here were some of my action steps that I took for my business, practice, products, and services:

Step 1: Begin writing and sharing in my weekly (now almost daily ) email.

Step 2: Stop trying so hard to sell and promote products and services. Instead I would simply share my advice. Sometimes I would include an offer in my email but there won’t be any pressure.

Step 3: Be more accessible to my members, clients, customers, and students.

Step 4: Ignore the “be everywhere” advice and just focus on my list-building for my business.

Step 5: Create and FOCUS on a really strong continuity program where I can give it my 100% attention. Today, we have a 95% monthly retention rate at The Wealthy Therapist Academy at .

These steps, no matter how simple they appear, have transformed my life once again.

It was a little backwards as I gave my business a “re-boot”.

But as I began to simplify my business plan and focus on the things that really mattered, an amazing thing happened.

The income started to grow – especially the monthly, recurring revenue.

I started to attract the RIGHT people into my world (and said farewell to time-wasting, opportunity seekers).

My stress started to go down and my health steadily improved.

My relationship with my kids has never been better.

I’m actually working LESS hours.

And finally, business is FUN again.

So yes, practicing the art of simplicity can enhance your business and private practice.

It can also transform your life.

Keep things simple. And let’s continue to positively impact lots of lives.

To your success!

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Blown Away!


Just took the kids to the bus stop and am going to take my wife to workout at my boxing class. Always moving at Cory Bank Headquarters!

As I was answering an email from one of the members at The Wealthy Therapist Academy Family this morning, it hit me how blessed I am to work with people like you.

I get to assist people who have the drive, desire and guts to go out on their own and try their hardest to create a better life for themselves, their families and their customers, clients or patients.

The vast majority of people work at jobs just to get a paycheck. People like you create their own business or practice to design a life and serve others. They are passionate about not only making money but helping others.

You are one them. You are in an elite group of people who are trying to make a difference in the world.

And the fact is, no one truly understands the sacrifices you make or how hard you actually work.

I want you to know that I get it, that I have tremendous respect for you, and that I am humbled and honored to be able to help you further your mission.

Whether it is reading my emails, using the free resources at , or being a valuable member at The Wealthy Therapist Academy at , I am honored to be part of your success team.

To Your Success!



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She Kissed Me!


One of the newest members of The Wealthy Therapist Academy, Nora, recently sent me an email. Here is part of it:

“Thank you so so much! I feel rescued. All the marketing strategies make so much sense and are easy to do. The video and files on 47 ways to get new clients is priceless! I could kiss you!”

Part of my reply:

“You are very welcome and I am happy to see that you getting the results that you truly deserve! You are rescued because YOU decided to become part of your own rescue team. Keep at it and I know that you will have the practice and lifestyle that you truly deserve.”

Nora is achieving her goals because of 3 very simple actions that she (or anyone could) took.

1. She decided to commit. She didn’t wish or hope, but committed to creating a thriving private practice.

2. She invested in a proven system, in this case, The Wealthy Therapist Academy , which could rapidly speed up the progress of her goals while enjoying the process along the way.

3. She made a commitment to 15 minutes a day, five days a week, to work on her practice, not just in it, using the dynamic material in The Wealthy Therapist Academy.

I followed the same system when training for the Ironman USA Triathlon (although step 3 required about 1 to 2 hours a day). It is the same system I utilized when I started learning to play the piano last year.

Decide to commit, invest in a proven system that works, and take small and powerful daily steps towards your goals.

That’s it, nothing fancy, just down to earth stuff that works.

Time to go practice the piano.

As always, To Your Success!

Kind Regards,

P.S. If you have decided to have the practice, income, and lifestyle that you truly deserve, and are ready to invest about 15 minutes and $3 a day, The Wealthy Therapist Academy is ready for you! The link is . Try it out, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, all the risks rest squarely on my shoulders. Have access in seconds-click

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Life is not a Disney movie


A month ago, I spoke to an all-girl’s private high school track team for sports psychology strategies that they could easily use for their events. It was a very impressive group. They had this great phrase: “A man is not a financial plan.” I laughed, but it’s a great lesson — and true for all of us, men and women.

Life is not a Disney movie. Nobody’s coming to rescue you.

Nobody is going to magically come down from the sky to give you the secret code to get your dream job at Google, learn how to get better at parenting, or grow your business rapidly.

When I heard that phrase I realized something I’d never internalized: Oh man. Nobody’s coming. It’s all up to me.
At first, it was scary. Then it became comforting, because with each small win, I got more confident and knew I could do more and more.

For those of you with your own private practice or others with their own business or companies, your success will largely rest with you. It can be both scary and empowering.

However, you do not have to go at it alone. There are a lot of people out there who will become part of your success team; whether it is financial support, educational advice, or emotional support-hopefully a bit of all of them.

I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of your success team. In the final analysis, your success will largely rest with your efforts and actions, but if I can make it a bit easier for you with all the free resources and free training at , then all the better.

As always, To Your Success!

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Food Fight!

food fight

Recently, myself and two other faculty members were having lunch between classes. All of us have private practices. The conversation topic was how to market our practices effectively.

Don (not his real name), is in his late 50’s and has been in practice for 25 years. He is a strong supporter of the old guard-face to face networking, going to conferences with other professionals, developing long-term relationships with others in his community who might be referral sources. He does not believe in Google searches, online scheduling of appointments, marketing through Facebook-heck, he just got his web page in 2015-one page only!

Julia (not her real name) is 31 and has been in practice for 3 years. She loves the power of technology, has a dynamic web page, a growing email list, and good social media presence. However, she thinks it is a waste of time to meet up with another colleague face to face such as having coffee to network when one could easily text. She also doesn’t believe in getting out there in the community and pounding the pavement.

Unfortunately I was sitting between them as this debate escalated a bit (parts of Don’s egg salad was finding its way on my cheek as he talked/yelled with food in his mouth and my other ear hurt as Julia’s voice was hitting higher and higher octaves as she became more passionate about her point of view).

Finally, in order to protect my hearing and my wardrobe, I kindly interjected and told them they were both right!

Regardless of your profession, the truth is you will need to continue to actively market to reach new clients. In 2016, you will need both an online marketing and face to face marketing campaign for maximum success. You might survive on just one, but to thrive you will need both. This means consistently letting others know about you and your services both in cyberspace and in person. This is one of the core themes I stress to The Wealthy Therapist Academy Family at .

Your face to face marketing campaign may consist of everyday life networking, doing a discounted seminar, volunteering at a community event for free exposure, having coffee once a month with one professional who you could each refer to (similar field but different gender example), and speaking at professional conferences (also pretty inexpensive and easy to do).

Your online marketing campaign may consist of blogging, setting up and updating your Facebook Fan Page, using Twitter to publicize your services, email blasts, posting a video on your Youtube channel, and commenting on other professional blogs (all free and easy to do).

I know it sounds simple, but most people do not do this and suffer with less clients and less profits. Be at the top of your field and make more money while helping more people.

As always, To Your Success!

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Being Good Enough – Work, Finance, Family.


The concept of “good-enough” is essential if you are prone to worry, or if your inability to be perfect prevents you from trying to improve! Anxious people get an emotional charge from worry. It’s a tough habit to break! Some of my examples have included: -Being a good enough father. -Having a healthy enough approach to nutrition and exercise. -Having a focused enough approach to main vocation (parenting, teaching, coaching, business, athletics).

As a Dad, my kids are overwhelming at times (less now as they are getting older). I was forced to let go of the unreasonable expectations I initially set for myself. What enabled me to shift was considering my family’s needs… Do my children say they love me? What does my wife say about my marriage? My motto became “Aim for perfection, but settle for greatness.”

In my work and financial life, it’s easy to endlessly tinker – seeking to optimize a situation where constant change is proven to make things worse, rather than better. My best outcome is to create a simple solution, that’s good-enough, and limit my ability to mess things up over the long term. “Do no harm” is an especially useful reminder when considering the long term ramifications of my actions.

I suggest that you don’t take specific advice from me. Find what works for you. However, I share the specifics of what I do because the simplicity of my approach is a useful counterbalance to the complexity that’s sold to us at an increasing rate.

In terms of finances, act as if the goal of the financial services industry is to separate you from your money and to run from any advisor that’s not bound by an ethical duty to act in your best interest. Short rule to live by is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Next, focus on these three themes that truly matter: -Save: Live on less than you earn. -Dollar-Cost Averaging: Create a strategy that runs on autopilot and get on with living. -Be Able To Hold Through Dips: Never extend yourself, live debt free, and be able to hold through unexpected unemployment.

One of the benefits that I have learned about participating in triathlons over the past 20 years is the ability to be very good at something by combining good-enough performances in each of its components (swim, bike, run) without any glaring weaknesses. This seems to be holding true for the other important areas of my life. It might do the same for you. As always, To Your Success!

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Personal Training At Starbucks?


Personal Training At Starbucks?

A younger friend of mine (he is now 28), always had a dream of becoming a personal trainer. He got all the national credentials, knows his craft, loves what he does, and at 28 and very fit he cuts an impressive figure.

At 23 he started his own personal training business. He thought that he would be very successful and always brushed away my ideas about developing a marketing plan-web page, opt in, Facebook page, Youtube channel, etc.

At 27 he quit due to having way more expenses then revenue and started working at Starbucks full time for the salary and benefits. He has been doing that for the past year.

He called me the other day and asked me what he would need to do to get back to his dream-and be successful at it. I gave him some blunt advice – advice that I’ve given to many paying private clients. This advice is often un-welcomed but true, nonetheless. Here it is:

“You are already great at what you do. Although it is certainly more fun training clients and working out, you need to spend the majority of that time marketing yourself. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one knows about you. You need to take massive action in order to make your dream actually come true.”

Most people think that if they’re the best or really good, they will be successful. This is especially true with those in the mental health profession, especially private practice.

The hard truth is that being the “best” or better than your competitors is not the sole determining factor as to whether you will be successful.

You might think that’s not fair and it’s probably not. The person who works the hardest and perfects their craft should be the most successful. But “shoulds” don’t matter. Reality does.

This is not to say that you don’t have to be good at what you do. You do or great marketing will only accelerate the rate that people find out that you are not good. However, the key to your success is marketing. Think of yourself as a marketer of your service and you will have the correct “success mindset.”

When I finally got this, my life and business changed. I now have the honor of helping others in our field achieve this amazing success at The Wealthy Therapist Academy. If you have not taken our FREE tour yet, please check it out at .

To your success!

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Your Professional Lifeline!

You email list is your professional lifeline to establishing good long-term relationships with potential patients, clients, and customers for your services, products, and practice. It can literally make or break your practice and business. What follows are three success strategies that you can implement right away to establish and grow your email list:

1. Improve Your Website-to-Email Conversions – Make it as easy as possible for visitors to your website to register for your email newsletters, blog, or videos. Place your subscription form on every single page (not just the home page). Never hide your opt in behind a link in your website navigation as very few people will actually click here.

2. Get Social – Drive subscribers to your email marketing list via your social media activity. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. While it is easier to grow your following on social media rather than to just collect email addresses, email marketing has the potential to drive more significant return on investment. Make it very easy for your email recipients to share your emails with their friends and family members by adding social media share buttons to your newsletters. This will ultimately send more traffic back to your website, which will help drive email subscriptions.

3. Keep on Blogging – Whether it is a written blog or short videos, both provide your website a pulse, aids your search engine optimization efforts, and helps your practice stand out in a plethora of static website content. Stay consistent with this and your will have a ton of great content over a short period of time.

As always, to your success!AC12-13

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